When shop owners think of theft and robbery, they tend to focus upon the most extreme versions of these events, such as armed robbery or violent theft when there are customers inside the store.  They might even imagine shoplifters, who are relatively non-aggressive. However, evidence from security cameras shows that the real danger of theft comes from within the store itself, from the staff members and shop assistants who work in the building. Security needs to be able to protect the shop from all thieves, and this includes securing your property against your staff.

Stealing from 99p stores

One of the biggest news stories of 2015 was the confession of a shop assistant living in Portishead, to being the thief who stole nearly £200 during his employment at a 99p store in the town. The theft did not occur once, but over a period of time, which means that the store’s security efforts had not been sufficient to prevent him from committing theft in the open. It also means that the Portishead assistant could just be one of a number of assistants, clerks and staff members who are regularly robbing their employer’s shop.

How it impacts the store

The news of the latest robbery has shown that there was a failure in the security system of the shop where the thief worked, and this has caused some worries for shopkeepers in the Portishead and Bristol area, concerned that they might also be the targets of thieves working from inside the store itself. This form of theft means that businesses need to be able to get better security in order to properly protect themselves during theft.

Protecting businesses with better security

The answer to this issue is, of course, better security for the company. Businesses can choose from a number of options, including fitting cameras in staff areas, rather than just around the till. The company should also use security companies in Portishead to help establish a company culture which has the workforce invested in the business. Happy staff members are less likely to steal than unhappy ones. You should also put posters informing your staff that stealing is not appropriate, and that anyone caught stealing will be punished. By following these steps, businesses and their staff members can live in a more secure workplace and a better environment for both themselves and their customers.