Proficiency with CCTV equipment is an extremely valuable skill for the modern day security guard to have, whether they work for a London security company, a Bristol security guard company or even in Weston Super Mare security firm. Indeed, there is no security market in the UK where surveillance skills aren’t in high demand. In Clevedon, businesses can maximize their security presence by utilizing CCTV surveillance and a physical security presence.

Like most security skills, however, CCTV surveillance is licensable, and requires the trainee to complete multi-module coursework before they are deemed proficient. The CCTV course content is broken down into two sections, each with a handful of sub-sessions:

  • Common Security Industry Knowledge
  • Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) Operations

The Common Security Industry Knowledge section has 6 sessions that must be completed for a passing grade:

  1. Awareness of the Law in the Private Security Industry
  2. Health and Safety for the Private Security Operative
  3. Fire Safety Awareness
  4. Emergency Procedures
  5. The Private Security Industry
  6. Communication Skills and Customer Care

The Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) Operations section has an additional 8 sessions that must be completed for a passing grade:

  1. Introduction to the Roles and Responsibilities of the CCTV Operator and other CCTV Staff
  2. Codes of Practice, Operational Procedures and Guidelines
  3. CCTV Equipment and its Operation
  4. Legislation
  5. Dealing with Incidents
  6. CCTV Surveillance Techniques
  7. Emergency Procedures in the CCTV Control Room
  8. Health and Safety at Work in the CCTV Control Room


While all 14 of these sessions must be completed in order to receive CCTV certification, for those who already possess some form of UK CCTV qualification, they may be exempt from completing some or all of the approved training courses.

If you have received an award or qualification in CCTV-related field, or have worked in a CCTV control room inside the last 3 years, then you may be exempt from part of the training and assessment necessary to receive your CCTV license.

If you hold the NVQ Level 2 in Providing Security Services in either City & Guilds or Edexcel, then you may be exempt from all parts of the approved training and assessments necessary to receive your CCTV license.

In all cases, however, anyone wishing to secure a CCTV license must still apply to an approved training centre to register and apply for an exemption.