Avonmouth is one of the biggest port areas of Somerset, with the Bristol Port Company owning large areas of land in the region. With the presence of the port and companies working in shipping, there is a recognised growth in crime figures and the risk of problems with residents of the area. Ports and shipping will always attract crime, and it is difficult to police areas effectively using the national force. Therefore, discussing the problems of security in Avonmouth can open up other possibilities for businesses and residents in the area to think about protection and prevention.


A problem of rising crime

Crime figures for the years after 2010 have been very variable for Avonmouth, with some showing a significant leap in crime figures, and then those numbers falling again. Drops in specific crimes tend to relate to measures being taken by businesses and residents to protect themselves using private security companies in Bristol. While this is a measure that has been shown to work, some companies are obviously finding it hard to implement these measures successfully due to costs and the rising price of living in the area. Addressing the problem of rising crime is something that businesses and domestic residents need to do together.


What are the leading crime figures for Avonmouth?

There are two significant factors in the crime statistics for Avonmouth, and these don’t relate to general theft or shoplifting, but to criminal damage including arson, and anti-social behaviour. Of the 43 crimes reported in September 2012, for example, 17 were acts of anti-social behaviour, or around 40% of the total criminal activity in Avonmouth. This can be very intimidating to customers of shops, and it may also lead to a fall in profits if the behaviour deters shoppers from visiting businesses in the area. Arson is a serious issue too, and can have a serious impact on businesses. In order to defend this type of problem, many businesses are employing security guards specifically to deal with this problem.


Preventing anti-social behaviour

The issue of ASBOs and other police measures failing to work means that the community needs to sort out the issue themselves. Businesses can take an active part in preventing anti-social behaviour by those in nearby areas by keeping their premises secure, and moving on those who are creating a disturbance. Effective security can be the best way to make customers feel safe.