The latest set of crime figures for the Weston Super Mare area has prompted the MP John Penrose to welcome the drop in figures for the region. Avon and Somerset police have been regularly among the top 10 police forces in the UK, and have achieved a fall in crime figures of around 22%. While some parts of the region have improved under the current police programs, there are still some areas where the police could improve, and it is important to understand the improvements in relation to these areas. Finding out whether Weston Super Mare has really improved is a matter of understanding the statistics, and what they mean for people living there.

The improvements

The improvements praised by John Penrose MP were reported in 2014, and related to crimes which were reported in 2013. The office for National Statistics reported the new crime figures as a significant drop, which included falls of over 25% for some areas. In general reported crimes moved from 13,032 five years ago to just over 9.600 in 2013. This is a very significant drop, and was rightly praised by the MP as showing that crime was falling. He also suggested that crime was falling across Western faster than in any other part of the Avon and Somerset police region. However, this may not be the case for all parts of the police department, and some still feel that Weston Super Mare is an unsuitable place to live.

Why people feel insecure

One of the biggest reasons for problems in Weston Super Mare are drug users. Drug addicts are a serious problem in the Avon and Somerset region, and addicts are also more likely to commit crimes, Weston is noted for the number of rehab centres in the town. Residents of the town feel that drug addicts have been moved into the area, not least due to government schemes that are supposed to help them recover. Although some of them do succeed, the majority remain in Western, increasing the crime issues and the levels of homelessness.

Boosting security

One of the best ways to boost security in weston super mare is to use private security firms to boost the existing police service. Shops and bars can use private security to protect their businesses, and help residents to feel more secure when they are walking through the centre of town.